Apply For Marie-Curie Funded Research Fellowships

Research positions are available for work on an exciting new doctoral training programme, ‘CogNovo: Cognitive Innovation’.

Marie-Curie Funded Research Fellowships (14 positions)

Selected candidates will be registered for a comprehensive PhD programme that includes specialised research on a specific topic, as well as training workshops on experimental methods, cognitive neuroscience, computational modelling, humanities and human values, experimental psychology, creative arts, cognitive robotics and entrepreneurship. CogNovo also offers secondment opportunities to academic and commercial partners across the world.

Candidates should apply for specific projects, indicating their top 3 choices. An excellent 1st degree, good verbal and written communication skills in English, and an interest in multi-disciplinary research are essential. Specific educational prerequisites vary and are indicated in the project web-pages.

More information on individual projects can be found on the Projects Page.

Marie Curie Research Fellowships are intended to promote mobility for early stage researchers within the research community; candidates must: a) have received a degree (Bachelor or Master's) that qualifies them for PhD training, b) should not have undertaken more than 4 years of fulltime research subsequent to that degree, c) should not have a PhD degree, and d) should not have been resident within the UK for more than 12 months within the 3 years prior to 1 April 2014. For a full description of the eligibility conditions see:

Funding for these 3-year positions starts at £35,000 p.a., which includes a living and mobility allowance.


As applications are for specific projects, applicants do not need to provide a project proposal. Instead, in their personal statement, applicants should outline:
• Interest in their chosen projects and motivations for applying
• Nature of expertise suitable for doctoral study in these fields.

For more information on how to apply, supporting documents and proof of eligibility please visit the Applications Page at Plymouth University

Download Form: PDF

Download Form: Word Doc

On the Application Form, in Box 1: Programme of study applied for, please indicate that you are applying for a CogNovo Marie-Curie Funded Research Fellowship.

Also in Box 1, please give the project numbers of up to 3 appropriate project choices (in order of preference).