Marie-Curie Funded Research Fellowships

CogNovo offers a choice of 14 focussed research projects. Each project is supervised by a multidisciplinary team of experts and offers opportunities for secondments to international academic and commercial partners. 

Mental Imagery and Creative Thinking

Investigate how the human brain manipulates and combines mental images to produce novel perceptual and conceptual structures, a critical aspect of creativity. (more)

Creativity in Deceptive Communication

Compare the roles of creativity and visual imagery in honest and deceptive communication, using behavioural and cognitive neuroscience methods and paradigms. (more)

Modelling Creative Decision Making

Develop a biologically plausible neurocomputational model to explore the link between novelty detection and creativity. (more)

Creativity in a Bio-Inspired Brain Model

Explore the neurophysiological basis of generative creative processes, using realistic neural models of cortical function and simulating the role of body imagery in language semantics. (more)


Individual Differences in Cognitive Style

Investigate the relationships between cognitive and perceptual flexibility in adults and children, and determine the neural correlates of perceptual flexibility and creativity. (more)

Creativity Through Social Interaction

Investigate how creative products emerge through interactions in collaborative teams, and how inter-individual and social abilities influence social creativity in adults and children. (more)

#7 Project 7: Mental Imagery in Dance Choreography

Mental Imagery in Dance Choreography

Explore the contribution of imagery to creativity, and the roles of metacognitive strategies and group dynamics in dance choreography. (more)


Interactive Distributed sonic environments

Investigate the development of new forms of participatory mobile sound environments and musical instruments, based on dynamic interactions within a biologically inspired mobile object-network. (more)

Participative Mixed Reality Gaming

Investigate emergent behaviours in mixed/augmented reality participative games, resulting from the design and development of stochastic multi-stable rules. (more)

Early Cinema and Cognitive Creativity

Investigate the cognitive impact of analogue and digital cinematic film projection technologies. (more)

Creativity and Curiosity in Cognitive Robots

Implement enhancements to state-of-the-art curiosity driven algorithms on a robotic platform, to explore the contributions creativity can make to artificial system cognition. (more)

Creative Solutions in Alarm Design

Investigate the development of evidence-based interactive tools for alarm design and guidelines for alarm design based on new knowledge of human responses. (more)

Creative Technologies for Behaviour Change

Explore novel technologies for stimulating mental imagery, to develop tools to encourage behaviour change. (more)

Irrationality and Decision-Making

Investigate rationality of human decision making under time constraints; evaluate theoretical predictions of a new model of constrained decision making within a medical context. (more)