Off the Lip 2017

If you received a notification of acceptance, you can register your participation (and book an accomodation on campus). If you have questions about this or need help, then please send an email to CogNovo.eu and we will help you sorting it out.

16-18 August 2017

Off the Lip 2017

Special Issue published

With the results from #OTLip17, we published a special issue of the interdisciplinary journal AVANT on 21 November 2017. Please have a look at the peer reviewed articles covering a wide spectrum from improvisation of post-disaster housing and dance, the theory behind cognitive innovation and creativity, and musical and theatrical practices.

CogNovo Colloquium on Experiences and Applications of Cognitive Innovation

Plymouth University, Plymouth, UK: 16-18 August 2017

"…if you have an idea and I have an idea and we exchange these ideas, then each of us will have two ideas, plus a third idea that is the product of our two original ideas [and an exciting interdisciplinary publication]…" -- Adapted from G. B. Shaw

The challenges facing society today demand innovative approaches, creative solutions and wider resonances that can only be obtained by drawing on multiple perspectives. In its third edition, Off the Lip integrates research in the arts, sciences, humanities, and engineering in a radically transdisciplinary event.

Earlier this year we invited a broad range of researchers and professionals from the CogNovo network to submit an idea how they could contribute and what they would like to learn about Cognitive Innovation. From the abstracts we received, reviewers from multiple disciplines selected the most interesting and promising pieces of work and we invited the authors to join us this 16-18 August in Plymouth for »Off the Lip 2017: CogNovo Colloquium on Experiences and Applications of Cognitive Innovation«, when we will be devoted to discussing Cognitive Innovation. During the three days we will select some papers and develop them into publication ready papers. These results will be published as a special issue later this year.

Authors who's initial abstracts were admitted to the next stage, have received an notification of acceptance latest by 10 June. They are asked to submit a camera ready paper of about 4 pages until 31 July. These papers will the be circulated to other authors and every participant will be asked to write a review on one or two papers until 15 August. Authors who have submitted their paper and reviews in time are welcome to join us in Plymouth from 16 to 18 August to discuss Cognitive Innovation, find links between different domains, and compile an interdisciplinary special issue of a journal. Authors of the selected papers will then be asked to re-submit a final version of their paper until the end of August, taking into account the comments and suggestions raised during OTLip17.

Keynote Speakers

Joel Pearson (Associate Professor, University of New South Wales Sydney, Australia)

Dr. Joel Pearson is a psychologist, neuroscientist, and public intellectual who works at the forefront of science, innovation, agile science and new mind measurement technologies. His research focuses on the mechanisms and application of mental imagery, hallucinations, decision-making, the science of intution, memory, metacognition, visual perception, learning, attention and awareness. He is the founder of the Pearson Lab for cognitive science at UNSW Sydney, which studies cognition through behavioural psychophysics, functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) and transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS).


There are no Off the Lip registration fees.

Balance-Unbalance 2017

Off the Lip 2017 (16-18 August) will be closely followed by the Balance-Unbalance 2017 conference (21-23 August). We invite you to spend the intervening weekend in the beautiful coastal area of Cornwall or the dramatic Dartmoor area before attending Balance-Unbalance, whose theme (A Sense of Place: Art x Science x Technology = Environment / Responsibility) is closely linked to that of Off the Lip.