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Posted on 06 November 2018

David at SfN2018

David Bridges is currently at the 2018 annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience, presenting the latest version of PsychoPy with Jon Peirce, the creator of PsychoPy.

Psychopy is a free, open source software package written in Python and suitable for building experiments for behavioural science. It’s a free and powerful alternative to other commercial experiment building software packages including Presentation, MATLAB and E-prime. The latest release brings PsychoPy3 online, allowing users to output JavaScript and HTML code so they can run experiments through a web-browser, anywhere. This is made possible with, the new online Git-based website and repository used for storing and running experiments and collecting data. Pavlovia has applications beyond PsychoPy, allowing users of other free, open source, software building tools, including jsPsych and lab.js. The vision of Pavlovia is to facilitate collaboration within and across teams, and to provide greater transparency and openness in behavioural sciences, facilitating and the sharing of your experiment code and data, either pre or post-publication.

After finishing his PhD at CogNovo, David continued his career at the University of Nottingham, contributing to the development of PsychoPy.