Decepticon2015 Raluca Briazu giving her talk at the Decepticon2015Chun-Wei Hsu presenting her poster at Decepticon2015

24-26 August 2015

Raluca Briazu and Chun-Wei Hsu at Decepticon 2015

Raluca Briazu and Chun-Wei Hsu attended Decepticon 2015: International Conference on Deceptive Behavior in Cambridge on 24-26 August 2015.

Raluca gave a presentation on her latest work, entitled: "Undoing the past so as to lie in the future – linking counterfactuals and deception (25th August 2015)", during which she introduced her novel results concerning the association between counterfactual thinking and lies.

Chun-Wei presented her latest work during the poster session with: "Creative Cognition and Deceptive Communication – linking creativity and deception". She introduced her novel results concerning the association between creativity and the ability of generating lies. This behavioural study, aimed at investigating the contribution of different aspects of creative cognition, measured by several creativity tests, to deceptive communication (i.e., the ability of generating lies and the ability of detecting lies).

The conference Decepticon 2015, was the first international conference that covered the great diversity of approaches to the research of deception prevention and detection. The conference was a great success and gathered researchers and practitioners from across the world.