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Ilaria Torre

Posted on 4 May 2016

Ilaria wins two awards

CogNovo research fellow Ilaria Torre has received two awards in the past few months. In February, she was awarded an ISCA (International Speech Communication Association) award that will cover the registration fee for Speech Prosody 8, a biennial conference that this year will take place in Boston, in June. Ilaria will present part of the work that she has been doing for her PhD, in a paper entitled “Behavioural mediation of prosodic cues to implicit judgements of trustworthiness”, written in collaboration with Dr. Laurence White and Dr. Jeremy Goslin. The paper will appear in the proceedings of the conference.

Subsequently, in March, she was awarded a Santander Internationalisation Mobility Support Scholarship of £1000. With this money, she plans to visit the Faculté Polytechnique de Mons (Belgium) in September 2016, to collaborate will fellow student Kevin El Haddad on an experiment involving mismatched audio and video stimuli (somewhat similar to the famous McGurk Effect [1]).