Frank Loesche

Frank Loesche

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My research interest currently focuses on the moment people experience finding a solution to a previously unsolvable problem. Since there seems to be a tradition and a tendency to shout out "Eureka" or "Aha" whenever certain problems are solved, the name given to the effect I am interested in is "Eureka! effect" or "Aha moment". More about my project can be found at "Unconscious Creativity – The Eureka Moment".

What drives me personally is the interest in problem solving. From my experience the more a person knows and has experienced the more likely she/he is to find solutions to "hard" problems. Having an active interest in programming, design, music, game design, math, and puzzles of any kind myself, I am sometimes amazed how the transfer of knowledge provides unexpected solutions in different domains.

Research Experience

Being a media computer scientist by training I have researched Grid- and Cloud Computing, relational as well as so-called NoSQL databases, and file systems. In addition to theoretical knowledge I have many years of industry experience in handling and analysing large data sets and have used several web- and desktop technologies to design experiments. I also provide analytical and IT support for Creativity Testing Services.

Technical skills

I have been using a number of programming languages in the past, such as Java, Perl, Clojure, C, Javascript… just to name a few. I have developed and maintained desktop- and web-based software for more than a decade, many of them as technical lead, some as a project lead. I have also designed sounds, graphics, books, 3D environments, websites, and a number of merchandising articles in the past.

Roles in CogNovo


I studied at Dresden University of Technology, FH Brandenburg, and Beuth University of Applied Sciences (Berlin). I hold a "Bachelor of Science Media Informatics" and a "Master of Science Online Media Informatics".