Klara Łucznik

My research interests focus on how people collaborate, exchange ideas and inspire each other while creating together. Having a background in psychology, cognitive science and dance give me an eclectic, multiple disciplinary approach to my studies, as I seamlessly shift between being a researcher and a dance practitioner. I see creativity as a highly social process where the quality of collaboration is as important as having original ideas. In my PhD project, I focus on dance improvisation as a collaborative practice that provides a unique opportunity to understand how people collaborate while creating and to observe how new ideas appear from interaction with others’ bodies and the environment rather than from the creator mind. I use improvisational dance scores as a laboratory for group creativity research, focusing on the role of sense awareness, multimodal imagery and flow experience in practice.

Alongside psychological enquiry, in my dance practice research, I explore group improvisation as a performance strategy that highlights the character of creativity as unpredictable, highly embodied and shared; new ideas appear from interaction with other dancers and the environment rather than in isolation in mind. I am interested in participatory events, and in last years I created such projects as A Space to Wonder, a bio-sensor sound installation that explored the potential of spontaneous physiological synchronisation, and Let’s Improv It, a participatory improvisation format that looked into basic mechanisms of social communication.


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Artistic Productions

  • Łucznik, K., Jackson, A., Loesche, F., Denham, S. (2016) A space to wonder: an interactive bio-sensorial installation. First presented at CogNovo Bizarre Bazaar, 22nd October 2016, Plymouth, UK.
  • Łucznik, K., Jackson, A., Sakuta, A., Siarava, E. (2016) Let’s Improv It – a participatory improvised performance.
  • Łucznik, K., Maranan, D., Knight, J., Melidis, Ch. (2016) Ekosi Eksi – experimental somatic, sound film.
  • Łucznik, K., Biesaga, M. (2012) 10 Percent White - The Evolution of Idea. Ten Percent White exhibition at the Center for Contemporary Arts, December, 2012, Warsaw, Poland.