Raluca Briazu

Raluca Briazu

E: raluca.briazu@plymouth.ac.uk

T: 01752 600 600 ext 67554

A: Link 3, Plymouth University, Drake Circus, Plymouth PL4 8AA

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Project: The Role of Counterfactual Thinking in Deception

My current research interests lie at the intersection between the fields of counterfactual thinking, deception and clinical psychology. In particular, I am interested in how the creative imagination of alternative scenarios can aid the generation of lies. Additionally I am interested in how clinical populations such as Parkinson's disease can help us understand the mechanisms that underlie this relationship.


During my degree I was a honorary assistant psychology in the neuropsychology department at Derriford  Hospital.  Following my graduation I was a research assistant for the Peninsula Medical School where I was part of NHIR grant programme aimed at developing new outcome measures for neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease.  I contributed to two large systematic reviews concerned with clinical trial methodology, additionally I was involved in the  psychometric evaluation of  rating scales used in the Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative (ADNI) study. 

Conference papers

Journal articles

Briazu R. A., Walsh, C.R., Deeprose C., & Ganis G. (2017). Undoing the past in order to lie in the present: counterfactual thinking and deception. Cognition, 161, 66-73.

Briazu R. A. (in press). The challenges and joys of interdisciplinary research: insights from a Psy-Art collaboration. The Quarterly.

Oral presentations

The 7th Annual School of  Psychology Conference. Plymouth University, UK

Decepticon:  International Conference on Deceptive Behaviour. Cambridge, UK

  • Off The Lip - Transdiciplinary Approaches to Cognitive Innovation Conference. Plymouth, UK.
  • Reasoning and Imagination Lab Talk at Trinity College Dublin. Dublin, Ireland. 
  • European Association for Social Psychology (EASP) Small meeting on Counterfactual Thinking in Causality, Emotion,Communication,and Behavior. Aix en Provence, France
  • International Conference on Thinkinking (ICT). Providence, RI, US.
  • Posters

  • European Society for Cognitive Psychology Conference (ESCoP). Paphos, Cyprus.
  • The 8th Annual School of  Psychology Conference. Plymouth University, UK


2007-2011 BSc (Hons) Psychology with Certificate of Professional Experience – Plymouth University
Dissertation Title : An investigation into the use of computerized technology for the assessment of hand motor impairment in Alzheimer's disease

2011 – Comprehensive Systematic Review Course – University of West London

2012 – Introduction to Rasch Measurement Theory – University of Western Australia