Marie-Curie Funded Research Fellowships

CogNovo offers a choice of 14 focussed research projects. Each project is supervised by a multidisciplinary team of experts and offers opportunities for secondments to international academic and commercial partners.

#1 Photo credit: Dylan Watts and Paxson Woelber

The Risky Side of Creativity

Investigate the role of value based decision making in creative cognition. (more)

Creativity in Deceptive Communication

Compare the roles of creativity and visual imagery in honest and deceptive communication, using behavioural and cognitive neuroscience methods and paradigms. (more)


Modelling Creative Decision Making

Investigate aesthetic pleasantness in the visual domain, in an inter-disciplinary manner. (more)


Neurally inspired algorithms of human cognition and problem solving

Explore the neurophysiological basis of generative creative processes, using realistic neural models of cortical function and simulating the role of body imagery in language semantics. (more)

#5 Bistable Image

Individual differences in visual and auditory bistability

Investigate the relationships between switching rates in multistable perception, executive functions, creativity and personality, and determine the neural correlates multistable perception. (more)

#6 team of rowers

Creativity Through Social Interaction

Investigate how creative products emerge through interactions in collaborative teams, and how inter-individual and social abilities influence social creativity in adults and children. (more)

#7 Dancer

Shared Creativity and Flow in Dance

Exploring the basis of shared creativity and the role of flow experience in dance improvisation practice. (more)

#8 CogNovo Project 8

Bodyshaping the mind

Designing technologies and aesthetic experiences to support embodied cognition. (more)

#9 Designing Playful Systems

Designing Playful Systems

Investigate the nature of play through (systems) theory and practice. (more)

#10 film projector

Early Cinema and Cognitive Creativity

Investigate the experience of early cinema in relation to the cognitive impact of analogue and digital film projection technology. (more)

#11 Curious robot

Developing creativity in cognitive robots

I aim to build robots capable of insight using Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning. (more)


Signs of alarm fatigue

Investigates the cognitive-behavioural correlates of the subjective experience of 'alarm fatigue'. (more)

#13 Behaviour Change

Creative Technologies for Behaviour Change

The core of this project is to develop new technological tools to encourage healthier behaviour. (more)

Irrationality and Decision-Making

Investigate rationality of human decision making under time constraints; evaluate theoretical predictions of a new model of constrained decision making within a medical context. (more)